Jonathon Ruiz
High School Teacher/Athletic Director

Hello my name is Jonathon Ruiz, I have spent the past 17 years at Noli. I have taught middle school, and the past few years now teaching High School reading, and this year picking up the duties of teaching consumer ed and life skills and Geography. I also am the Athletic Director for the past 16 years, and I love being a part of such a wonderful community. I started my college career up the road at MSJC and received and A.A Degree in Physical Education, while playing College football. I then took an Athletic Scholarship at University of Texas University at El Paso. Playing D1 Football as my focus at the time while working on my education, As Football came to an end my focus changed and was to give back to the community and those that could make a change and do something in there life, either thru education or sports.  I came back to San Jacinto and finished my Undergrad work at Cal State San Bernardino, with a Bachelors in Liberal Studies. Shortly there after I got my teaching credential and Masters degree from National University.