George Barchie
Social Science and History

I have a degree is Sociology from Biola University. I earned my Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix and my Administrative Credential from National University. I have been teaching since 1980. After spending a little over a decade in Administration at Noli and now I am very fortunate to get to work with the high school students in history. This year I am taking on some Art classes as well as the history.  It's going to be a lot of fun!.  

I have four goals in my History class. These rules are for me to follow... 1. Grow as a person and as a Historian  2. Provide a learning atmosphere for the students. 3. Do a good job.  4. Have fun.

Our goal in History is to learn History through two spectrums:  1. The historical documents of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 2. Native American points of view.  We also try to teach historical facts while we encourage our students to reason and to think for themselves. We want our students to be able to share what he/she believes and why he/she believes it.  Speaking and writing will also be taught within the history curriculum. Let me know how best I can serve your child. 

This year we will evolve our assessment process and focus on standards and how the students understand them. Home work, classwork, tests and quizzes, along with projects will be used to evaluate how well the students understand the State standards. 

Best Regards,

George Barchie