Richard Alicea
Physical Education

Married to my amazing wife for 8 years (this coming October) .

Proud father of a beautiful girl and an awesome boy. 

I am orginally from New York, I love a good pizza, a great movie, staying active and the Jets, Mets and Knicks!

I have had the honor of teaching at Noli for almost 2 years (this coming August). I also had the pleasure to coach our Noli middle school flag football team (2019).

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Cal State San Bernardino and my teaching credentials along with my Masters in Learning and Teaching from the University of Redlands.

I love to have fun and to make physical education a life long passion for my students and not just something they have to do to graduate. In order to make a positive impact on the next generation I believe in being a good example for each student I teach and to provide a safe, equitable space for all students to experience success.