Middle School Softball Schedule
Dates and times are subject to change

Date Day Time From Level Location Opponent/Title
3/16/2023 Thur 3:15PM MS Home Hamilton
3/20/2023 Mon 3:15PM MS Home IHCS
3/22/2023 Wed 3:15PM MS Home Ethan A Chase
3/27/2023 Mon 3:15PM MS Away Nicolete
4/3/2023 Wed 3:15PM MS Away SJLA
4/19/2023 Wed 3:15PM MS Away Hamilton
4/24/2023 Mon 3:15PM MS Away IHCS *to be played at Noli
4/26/2023 Wed 3:15PM MS Away Ethan A Chase
5/1/2023 Mon 3:15PM MS Home Nicolete
5/3/2023 Wed 3:15PM MS Home SJLA